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A few words about our community:

HPY was founded by Yoga Enthusiasts who want to raise the global frequency of yoga by providing a community of streaming audio yoga classes available for enjoyment anytime, anywhere! We hope that you will benefit from our efforts and use our starting point to fuel your own creativity and contribute to the HPY Community in positive ways.

Uploading Guidelines:

1. I will upload only audios I created myself.
You must own or hold all necessary rights (copyrights, etc.) to your audio. Once you upload the audio it becomes the property of hitPLAYyoga, LLC.

"I have permission" does not mean you created it.

Directors, DPs, editors, musicians, graphic effects artists, and actors may upload works to which they have contributed significantly.

Public domain audios are not allowed.

2. I will not upload audios that are copyrighted by others or have been created by others. I agree to upload work that I have created or own the creative rights to the audio file.

You may not upload audio files containing ads that are inserted before, during, or after the audio unless given prior written permission from an authorized member of the HPY staff. Audios with advertisements in them will be removed.

We reserve the right to allow the uploading of certain commercial content for businesses who have coordinated sponsored advertising campaigns or other partnerships with HPY.

3. I understand that certain types of content are not permitted on HPY.

You may not upload audios with profanity.

You may not upload sexually explicit material or pornography.

You may not upload audios that incite hatred; include defamatory or discriminatory speech; or depict unlawful acts or extreme violence.

You may not upload audios that are clips or compilations of scenes from programs or movies.

Speech Guidelines:

The Internet is a wonderful place, but we've noticed that it also gives people the means to insult and/or harass others without taking full responsibility for their words. We insist that while you are on HPY you respect the people you encounter, as well as their audios. You are free to disagree and provide critical feedback, but please keep it respectful. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it on HPY. And if you cannot conduct yourself in a respectful manner, your privileges as a member will be revoked.

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